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We draw on all our expertise to deliver customer solutions. In doing so, we first of all work to understand a customer’s business needs and business environment. Rather than having a narrow focus around single IBM technologies, we look at how all the technology components can come together to best deliver on the business needs. Our ECM services offering covers the ECM spectrum - strategy development, systems integration services, user experience design, vendor and product evaluation, product configuration and customization, application development, functional and non-functional validation and management.

FileNet upgrade services

FileNet 5.2.x (including the latest FP and relevant client components (Workplace XT 1.1.5.x & IBM Content Navigator 2.0.3.x) are soon-to-be unsupported from 30-April-2019 (IBM official announcement of EOS), This means IBM will only offer limited support services for those products. Which also means there will be no future fix packs or hotfixes to resolve any issues or bugs you experience.

Components are impacted

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  • Web-Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM)
  • UDDI and WSSR as service registry for Process Orchestration (Web Service invocation)
  • stand-alone legacy Component Manager
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) provider support
  • IBM FileNet® Process Simulator is no longer supported in ICF 5.3.0
  • A local installation of the documentation is no longer supported.
  • JBoss Application Server is no longer supported.
  • The following platforms are no longer supported:
    • HP and HPUX operating systems
    • Solaris operating systems

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Why some companies delay the upgrade

These are some common reasons that organizations don’t upgrade their system:

  • FileNet upgrade services are a significant investment and organizations have a hard time seeing the potential ROI
  • The IT team or FileNet admins don’t...
    • Have time to upgrade FileNet
    • Know how to upgrade the system
    • Actually know how the system works
  • People are comfortable and familiar with the current version, so they don’t want it to change
  • Users have a fear of losing data during the upgrade or migration process
  • Their FileNet vendor was not proactive in scheduling upgrades

Nonetheless the experience is telling us that “earlier you start the FileNet upgrade, less it costs you.

Penalties of not-upgrading or delaying it

  • Enterprise IT Security Compliance
  • No support or fix for new product issues you experience
  • Extension support service is quite limited. (click Here for details).
  • Higher the backup cost is, later the upgrade starts.
  • Higher the data-migration cost is, later the upgrade starts.

Benefits if upgrading

Content Platform Engine V5.5.x includes new features that enhance its capabilities as a stand-alone content management solution, as well as features that enhance support for IBM offerings that leverage the capabilities of the engine.

Contact us

If you are still not upgrading your FileNet system, please contact us and we will give you a practical solution to help you catch up the last train to FileNet 5.5.x so that you could enjoy the new functionality and better performance.

Business Analysis and Consulting

A project can deliver the defined scope on time, and on budget, and still deliver no benefits. We take a benefits realization approach to business analysis, working with our client’s team to define a scope that is closely aligned with business objectives, and the benefits that will achieve those objectives. It’s about delivering an outcome, not an output.

Whether it’s a traditional waterfall or an Agile project, our business analysts all use their experience, expertise, and domain and industry knowledge to:

  • elicit business requirements at the right level of detail;
  • we help our clients identify which requirements deliver the greatest benefit, and prioritize accordingly;
  • engage effectively with stakeholders at all levels, from the factory floor to the boardroom;
  • create User Centered Designs that reflect the way our clients work, and deliver optimum user experiences;
  • provide high levels of facilitation and collaboration so that there is "one team";
  • ensure that solutions are pragmatic, feasible, and affordable.

The domain expertise of our business analysis team ranges from business analytics to business process management, from enterprise asset management to enterprise integration. For 36 Tech Solutions, business analysis is about maximizing certainty to minimize risk, and about benefit realization, ensuring the outcomes our clients seek.

Proof-Of-Concept (POC)

Our Proof of Concept (POC) services provide a test bed where the target solutions can be assessed and evaluated. Throughout service delivery, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide firsthand insights, not only into the technical requirements, but also into the business needs that drive the technology requirements.

A Proof of Concept can also act as a predecessor to a project, where piloting technologies and business modules can be evaluated in a safe, controlled environment before deploying active trials in the real world.

ECM Architecting

We provide architecting an ECM system, users experience design, test strategy, deployment framework & solution backbones utilizing the advantages given by IBM products and SOA standards.

  1. Architectural Decision making
    Aspects to be considered before making a decision between J2EE and FileNet
    • Usability and Convenience from the user point of view, targeting less complains from users
    • Complexity from the Implementation point of view
    • Key Performance Indicator(KPI) point of view: is the granularity of current workflow status/milestones good enough to fulfill the requirement?
  2. Standardized ITA deliverables
    • Security Architecture
    • System Context
    • Use Case Modeling
    • Non-Function Requirements
    • Architecture Overview
    • Architecture Decision
    • Service Component Design
    • Operational Model
    • System Standards
    • Deployment Unit Model
    • Performance Model

Solution Design & Implementation

Design and Implementation Services leverage a proven methodology, which ensures that we deliver fast, effective services to our customers. Our technical consultants and architects are thoroughly trained and certified in IBM ECM products and solutions to help you fully realize the benefits of your information infrastructure investment. Effective content management requires a cohesive design for capturing, managing, delivering, protecting, and archiving information assets for end users. Business value is achieved by reducing redundancy to lower storage costs, defining common classifications to facilitate shared access, and automating operational processes to improve productivity.

The functional domains that our design & implementation covers:

System Deployment & Installation

Efficiently deploying your software and keeping it up-to-date is critical to the overall success of your ECM solution. 36 Tech Solutions can give you direct access to our ECM Implementation Services experts as well as proven processes, methodologies, and tools to help you meet these challenges. Throughout the lifecycle of your ECM solution, our experts can help guide, mentor, and provide the services you need to meet your business requirements and achieve maximum value and return on investment from your ECM software investment.

Getting your ECM system efficiently installed, configured, and ready for production is a highly technical effort. We can provide you with efficient and cost effective services that can help you get your ECM solution off to the right start. Delivered by product experts using proven methodologies, implementation services include the planning, installation, and knowledge transfer services that you need to help build a solid foundation for your ECM solution.

We work hand-in-hand with your staff so that your organization can optimize its learning and involvement in the implementation process and the consultants are IBM certified technical experts.

Technical Customer Support

We provide timely and effective technical support to all our customers. With Technical Support you can get telephone and Email access to technical product specialists for answers to product-specific, solution-specific and task-oriented questions about everything.

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