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We provide consulting, application development, implementation, maintenance and management services. In 36 Techs, instead of proposing bountiful of fanciful IT ideas, we focus on aligning IT solutions with the Business needs. We achieve this through close engagements with our clients and understanding the nature of their businesses.

Consultation Services

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Talk to us about your business. We can help you to review, analyze and streamline your key business processes through IT. From simply going paperless to save the environment and easy tracking of your documents to automating business flow from one department to another, changes don’t necessary have to come in one big bang.

  • IT Consultation
  • We do what we do best and we are most experienced in Java and ASP platforms, though our services are not limited to these. Talk to us about your current application and the future enhancements that you need. Talk to us about the support difficulties that you faced. Talk to us about the next big project that you have in mind.

    We can do proof of concept for the next big project you have in mind. We can help to review your current application and enhance it to keep your business abreast with the current needs. We can conceptualize and develop customized applications that can help you reduce the burdens of routine jobs.

Application Services

Every business has different needs and every company has a different culture. We tailor applications according to your needs through our services:

  • Custom Software Development and Maintenance
  • We get the requirements from you, analyze and design a custom application for your business. Through constant interactions, we implement the application, perform the required testing and we deliver it to you. We manage and maintain the applications to ease the IT burden from you.

  • Proof of Concepts
  • If you are interested in how certain business process can be implemented through IT, approach us for Proof of Concepts. We can help to build a simplified version of the application for you to have a feel of how things will work out.

  • Enterprise Solution
  • The market changes, so does your business. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (ERP) can help improve business performance through better-integrated systems and operations.

    Talk to our partner to find out more on how ERP can help your business.

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