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There is always paperwork in every industry. Business processes revolving the paperwork can take ages to go around from personnel to personnel, for approval, clarification, data entry or filing.

The list can go on and on. With ECM, we can help you come up with solutions to manage the documents that you have and/or the processes that revolves around these documents, whichever way you wants it.

We specialise in the below ECM application:
- FileNet P8 Suite


Mobile devices are an integrated part of our lifestyles now. You can do online banking on your mobile phones, manage your schedules, download your favourite dramas etc.

We believe that if your business is in the service providing industry, mobile application will help you to facilitate your clients’ activities or even serve as advertisement for your company.

We have an in-house application which helps to track activities in mobile devices running on Android platform. To find out more, check out our software uWatchDog.

For now, we choose to focus on just Android platform. We will keep you posted, once we expand our range of supported operating systems.


We provide consulting, application development, implementation, maintenance and management services. In 36 Techs, instead of proposing bountiful of fanciful IT ideas, we focus on aligning IT solutions with the Business needs. We achieve this through close engagements with our clients and understanding the nature of their businesses.

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